Ocean Freight

ISM is a freight forwarding company dedicated to consolidated, containerized and project cargo. Our job is to look for the best option in the ocean freight in order to reduce your costs with the best values available and optimize the time of your entire logistics with intelligent solutions. We count with experienced professionals to give you the proper and necessary assistance for all the steps involved in your logistics such as pick up of your cargo at origin point, sailings departures and transshipments follow up, tracking of your cargo in all the way to the dock at destination, documentation support, proper registration in the government and shipping lines agencies and follow up to return empty containers to the line terminals avoiding unnecessary demurrage costs to your company.

Consolidated Cargo
It is nothing more than the combination of volumes and products shipped by different exporters to the same client, under the same delivery conditions and route, thereby allowing that the international transportation happens in a smooth way with reduction of costs.
FCL (Full Container Load)
Container completely dedicated to your company. This transport is indicated for the transport of high load volumes, providing security, physical integrity of your goods and reduction with packaging costs. Suits to several modals such as trains, ships and trucks and has the advantage of being stored in uncovered areas.
LCL (Less Container Load)
This transport is used for shipments of cargos in smaller quantity, volume and low value-added, sharing space with other clients in a single container thus reducing the cost with international transportation.